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Managing People, Tasks, and Reputations

First impressions are everything. At Opus, we understand the vital nature of this key touchpoint. Our cheerful front desk operations team serves as the first-line ambassadors of your property, greeting guests and servicing tenants in a professional manner.

Every one of our employees are proficient in building protocol and customer service, presenting a friendly, personable demeanor while receiving residents, visitors, and packages. Whether sweets for the children or dog treats for pets, we ensure that every interaction leaves a positive impression. As the face of your building, our staff is always on standby, ready to say hello.


  • Concierge
  • Doorman
  • Valet
  • Package Intake
  • Guest Reservations
  • Move ins / Move outs

In the residential industry, you’re only as good as your doorman. The front desk is a vital touchpoint which defines your tenants’ client experience. Finding the appropriate staff can be tough, though.

Bernie L, Property Owner

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