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In the event of a flood or fire, it’s vital to have a rapid response team on call to assess the damage and restore the facility. Opus Restoration is prepared to inspect, clean and restore your property to optimal occupancy standards as soon as possible.

We deal with the entire crisis, handling every aspect of facility damage, including appraisals, adjusters, insurance management and tenant claims. Our skilled team will take care of debris removal, drainage, air purification, pre-construction cleanup, as well as actual restoration. From dealing with third-party contractors to swiftly implementing future preventive measures, we take your property all the way from crisis mode to the best possible outcome.


  • Fire
  • Mold
  • Water
  • Sewer

We had a fire that caused extensive damage to one of our buildings. Tenants were calling frantically and we were at a loss until we brought in Opus. They sent a team to assess the damage, took all tenant complaints, and dealt with the insurance, cleaning and restoration from A to Z. The entire headache was solved with just one phone call. Can’t recommend them enough! Bernie L, Property Owner

Bernie L, Property Owner

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